Crafty Ladies visit Epic Brewing Co.

Howdy fans!

Alright, well summer has flown by, and Oktoberfest season always keeps me busy with Oktoberfest Tampa so it hasn’t been easy for me to keep up. But we’re past all that and I’m excited to get back into the swing of things and share some of my beer adventures here on the site that I didn’t get a chance to write about before my busy season began.

In this post I’ll share all about my brewery tour with one of my favorite lady beer groups, the Crafty Ladies, at one of my favorite breweries here in Denver… EPIC BREWING!!








It’s no shocker that I am a fan of EPIC brewing.  I’ve been known to host a few hand sales for them to help out their solo, man-of-awesome, Colorado beer rep: John Turk; a good friend who I often co-host the Colorado Craft Beer Show with.  It’s not complicated, I like EPIC because they make great beer. 25 taps, 3 on nitro and they all show an incredible amount of skill and respect to their styles, with some seriously added hopped flare that is always pronounced, but not overwhelming. I consider it, EPIC-style.

As I gear up for this Crafty Ladies tour and help EPIC get ready for the rush of women about to arrive, I take a moment to reflect at how each of the brewery tours that I get to participate in is different. One would think that once you’ve taken a few dozen brewery tours, they are all the same, right? Well, no. Last I knew, there are over 500 members of the Crafty Ladies Beer Club so each time I attend a tasting at HTB, or go on one of their field trips like this tour to EPIC, I see new faces!  It’s an incredible group of ladies that are genuinely interested in learning more about beer in order to make smarter ordering and purchasing decisions. Additionally, the space, service, timing, and product all differ from one brewery to another, so it all comes into play.

The Crafty Ladies Beer Club has done a nice job of engaging the breweries in advance and collaborating with the breweries to develop unique tours and experiences for the ladies. I’ve been around since the foundation of this particular ladies beer club, and EPIC did ask me for a few pointers, which I was happy to share.  Jennie, their tap room manager, is a blast to work with!

Back to the good stuff – the BEER!

We started off our 2-hour event/tour by getting settled in and trying a beer or a taster as we were waited for all the ladies to arrive.  What was my go-to-brew? HSL, of course -Hop Syndrome Lager. On draft, it’s just right. It starts off like a light and crisp lager with gentle hop notes that are not overpoweringly bitter.  It’s a very complex and balanced beer. HSL is often compared to Firestone Walker Pivo Pils, or Victory Prima Pils, neither of which tickles my tastebuds like the HSL. I was happy to introduce the beer to some of the other ladies as well!

Mingling at the beginning. EPIC BREWING – Denver, CO







Since there were upwards of 40 women participating, the plan was to split us up into two smaller groups, to get a more hands-on experience.  There were approximately 20 ladies per group.

One group would stay in our special section of the tap room, and talk with “Ant” (Anthony) about the origins of Epic Brewing and the sizable barrel program that they have created., and the other group would travel with Taylor for a tour through the brewery and production facility.

I started out in the tap room with Ant, talking about the barrel program.  At the time of our tour during the summer, Epic had already reached 648 barrels (a mix of white & red wine as well as bourbon barrels) in their collection and they were on track to have around 1,000 in house before the end of the year. In addition to the wine and whiskey barrels, Epic also purchased three foudre barrels from New Belgium Brewing. As many breweries do, they also named their fourdres: Ellen, Molly & Stacey, respectively.

Sitting in the tap room you can see into the brew house area and brewery production space where the fermentors stand also. You can just barely see the walls of barrels behind that. We were adjacent to the railing separating the tap room and brewery space, right next to the three foudre barrels.

We organize our group into a large circle and were given two small tasters of a delicious Brainless Golden Ale to start.  (This was the first beer that I’ve ever had out of the Epic foudres. Super exciting!)

Taster Comparison #1: Brainless Golden Ale 

Our first sample was of the Brainless Golden Ale, finished with “lacto” (lactobacillus – a bacteria many  brewers use) which gave the beer quite a tart finish as it produces lactic acid during it’s lacto-fermentation process.

The other sample of Brainless Golden Ale we were given was finished with “brett” (Brettanomyces/a wild yeast), which is all the rage in sour beers these days. As it is a wild yeast and not a bacteria, Brett will finish beer different than lacto. Brett specific yeast enzymes are known for tearing through complex sugars that most other normal yeasts cannot, leaving us with a more dry and lower acid beer.  Eventually, Ant tells us, EPIC will be blending both of the beers with “pedio” (Pediococcus/bacteria) as well.  Many lambics across the world are made with pedio, and I’m curious to go back and try all the beers again in a few months. Unlike making beer with other yeast strains, sour beers can take 2-3 years to before they are finished.

Taster Comparison #2: Imperial Stout

Imperial Barrel Aged Stout. [young beer] EPIC BREWING – Denver, CO







The second round of tasters out of the foudres barrels was a 12% imperial stout comparison. EPIC makes a pretty amazing stout called “The Big Bad Baptist.” The beer we sampled started off as that recipe, but instead of being finished with coffee and cocoa to become Big Bad Baptist, this beer was put inside two different barrels, for a different beer ending! The beer on the left was put into a first use barrel, and the beer on the right into a 3rd use barrel; the latter will ultimately get mixed with fresher batches.  Again, this is un-finished beer, but you could definitely get strong bourbon and oaky notes from the barrels in this young, beer.

We got the chance to ask Ant some more questions about everything we had just learned and wrapped up our barrel session. Full of new knowledge and history of one of Denver’s newest breweries, it was time for our groups to switch and for my group to get the production side brewery tour.

Brewhouse tour w/ Taylor. EPIC BREWING – Denver, CO






Barrel Room tour w/ Taylor.








As a lady in the industry, I was definitely pleased to find out that we would be getting our official brewery tour by one of EPIC’s only back-of-house, or production side, female staff members, Taylor! Taylor is fantastic and is the first female that I know that started in production at EPIC. She now puts in time and works hours in the tap room, in the front of house, but she started by assisting with bottle production, and has quickly progressed to assisting with their expanding canning and kegging operations and anything else that’s needed.

Taylor tours us through the brew house section, fermenters and the large walls of barrel-aging beer!  The barrels are a mixture from multiple sources, but all clearly marked with a sign up above, which marks each beer style inside.

As we walk to the back part of the warehouse that is not open or visible to the tap room, we pass the grain storage and mill closet and enter an area which now hosts their full time kegging operations. For a few months, EPIC was utilizing Mobile Canning to bring their beer to the marketplace, but they have since purchased their own canning line as well as a palletizer from Ska Brewing to meet the demands of their customers and can more beer!

Here is Taylor showing us their 100,000 can of Escape IPA that they’ve already produced on their new canning line since May!

100,000th CAN!!!









We couldn’t of course continue our brewery tour without a beer. So Taylor was sure to give all of us a tasting of Escape IPA fresh from the finishing tank. Below is one of my favorite pics of the night…this is our group in action! Tasting beer as fresh as you possibly can, talking about it, sharing it and enjoying the moment.

Fresh Escape IPA! EPIC BREWING – Denver, CO







After our quick respite learning that EPIC can successfully can 7 bbls and hour and that their Escape is absolutely delicious straight from the fermenter, we completed the last part of the building tour with a quick session in the beer cooler. One of my favorite places. This is where we get to smell fresh hops and see the massive stacks of market-ready beer!









The final, and last part of this really fun event was with another beer tasting, and this time with a chocolate pairing!! YUM!

Two different beers each with their own unique and custom chocolate pairing. First off was a special Imperial Black Saison, which was a collaboration beer with New Belgium titled”Eternal Consequences.” That beer was brewed with black peppercorns, ginger and juniper berries. Effectively so, it was paired with a delicious ginger chocolate. So good, it went by so fast! I didn’t even get a picture! haha

Here’s a photo of our last pairing which was of the Brainless IPA with a citrus and pink pepper chocolate pairing. Definitely a good match!

Brainless IPA w/ Citrus + Pink Pepper Chocolate! EPIC BREWING – Denver, CO








So, as you can see, the Crafty Ladies sure do get some special treatment. If you’re a lady living anywhere in the Denver metro area who enjoys learning about beer, I certainly suggest you try out any of their events.

This was certainly one of the most insightful and entertaining tours I have been on and am very thankful for EPIC Brewing and all of their efforts hosting our group of ladies. What a fantastic experience!

I’ll be sure to post updates on any barrel beers that I get to try again.

Until next time,







































fate_stickerFewer things make me happier than enjoying a good brew with good people.  That’s what craft beer is all about.

In late July, the Crafty Ladies got together for a wonderful night  at the usual meeting spot (Highland Tap & Burger) and hosted one of my favorites, out of Boulder – FATE BREWING COMPANY!

The Crafty Ladies sure get some special treatment from breweries every month.  Breweries tend to bring out the latest, freshest beer available, or rare hard-to find bottles out of a cellar, or as it happened with Fate’s presentation: BOTH! Mike, Jeff and Hannah all  did a fantastic job educating us about their beers and bringing us a round of very special brews to try.


We started off our event with one of my Fate favorites, the Watermelon Kolsch!


This was the first beer I ever had from Fate’s lineup (now almost 2 years ago) and it is still one of my favorite brews they make!  It was great to see so many of our ladies enjoying this brew as many of them had never had it. (What? I know. They were missing out!) This beer is only available April through August, for now.  If you want to try this beer, and if you do find their 4-packs on the shelves – I’d snag it before it’s gone for the season!


Next up was a brew that I know Jeff is really proud of, and he should be, as it’s a Tequila Barrel Aged Gose. A beer brewed using a triple decoction process,. But, what’s a Gose beer you say?! Don’t worry, I’ll explain.


More and more breweries have been picking up on barrel aging and making a lot more sour beers. There is a big movement towards sours in the market place, but most breweries are producing these beers using a popular, Brettanomyces yeast. However, Jeff’s Gose beer offers a completely different strategy for brewing something sour, with a regular ale yeast. The “Goze” beer style can be dated all the way back to the 16th century originating out of Goslar, Germany. Gose, so respectfully named, is a top-fermented beer that uses at least 50% malted wheat in it’s grain bill.  It spontaneously fermented without the addition of yeast, and boom! a new style was born.  The end product includes notes of lemon tartness, herbal characteristics and a hint of saltiness.


Jeff (head brewer) and Mike (owner) spent considerable amount of time in Germany before they opened FATE exploring German beer styles together. I think this beer showcases a bit of their adventure and I like that!  It think it it’s a prime example of Jeff’s ability as a brewer to take an old, original style, and bring it into modern day light, with the complexity  and originality that only Tequila barrel aging could offer. In this case, virgin ARTA Tequila barrels. (Heck yea!) I’ve had the chance to try this beer at different stages throughout the year, and this last time I tried it with the Crafty Ladies, I really felt like the beer was finished!  Beautiful flavors of vanilla, sweet agave and woody oak balanced with a simple, tart wheat mouthfeel.


The third beer we got to try was equally complex and includes ingredients form around the world – Bourbon Barrel Aged Veroandi – Anniversary Ale.


This beer is also a very old brewing style brought to new light. The Veroandi, a New World Burton Anniversary Ale,  combines New Zealand and Australian hops and two different barrel fermenting programs that are blended back into the beer you’ll taste in the bottle!

This beer was brewed with half Australian and half New Zealand hops. Some of the beer ferments in fresh oak barrels, some in tequila barrels and it gets carefully blended by the brewer to finish in stainless steel.  The downeast hops bring wonderful tropical fruit flavor and aroma to this beer. And among about a handful of others, uses Nelson Sauvin in it’s hop lineup. (Yum!)


Showing off more barrel fermented brews, our next beer was their Bourbon Barrel Aged Atropos.  A sweet and caramely, Imperial IPA, Atropos is the first, ever, bourbon b20140729_194501arrel beer Fate came up with!

Somehow, in the midst of this 90 to 100  IBU brew, I was still able to pick up on hints of coconut, pineapple and sweet caramel flavors. This special beer spends its fermentation time in Breckenridge Bourbon Barrels for about 4-5 months. Not a brew for the shy of heart, but the Crafty Ladies were digging it!


As only Mike could put it, this last beer brings us our final tasting of this “journey of wood” with FATE – Bourbon Barrel Aged Clotho.  (Yes, at this point, the entire room started giggling! ..but we digress!)

This is a Cascadian Dark Ale with hints of coffee, sour cherry’s but is rounded out with a delicate, creamy tartness. This brew went so fast, I couldn’t even get a picture of it!  But, of course I can’t leave you all hangin’ – so I snapped a selfie with the FATE bunch! Ha!


Well, this wraps up my last event with the Crafty Ladies and the amazing crew that is behind Fate. I hope you give their beers a try when you see them and if you can, go try the amazing food they have their brewpub, too!  You can check out more info about them, the brews, food and more on their website, HERE! Or visit them at:


1600 38th St, Boulder, CO 80301

That’s it for now. Oh, and don’t forget….DRINK YOUR FATE!



TONIGHT! Listen Live on 850KOA 7-8pm (MST)

Hey Everyone,

I am super excited to be joining Andy Lindahl to talk about craft beer for a bit on 850KOA as he covers all things Broncos Training Camp!

I’ll help him cover some of the latest news in the craft beer industry while we talk about seasonal brews.  Th

We are full fledged into the summer season so here are just a few summer beers we’ll be talking about:

Apricot-Blonde-Can1.)  Dry Dock Brewing – Apricot Blonde 

5.1% ABV – seasonal brew

Fermented with shiploads of hops!







2.) Odell Brewing – St. Lupulin APA

6.5% ABV – seasonal brew

“Dry-hopped” & delicious!

Available May through September.





hop syndrome lager_cans3.) Epic Brewing – Hop Syndrome Lager

5% ABV – seasonal brew

2012 and 2013 Silver Medal Session Beer winner at the LA International Beer Competition


Andy also wanted me to cover what seasonal beers we might expect for the fall season.  While many fall seasonals have not hit the shelves yet, it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about those darker ambers that we all enjoy as the weather gets colder!  Here are 2 go-to cooler season brews I like to recommend, and enjoy:

sweetgrass_apa1.) Grand Teton Brewing- Sweetgrass APA 

6.% ABV

2009 Gold Medal Winner at GABF

Hopped & dry-hopped with Amarillo & Cascade hops.



Alaskan-Amber-btl2.) Alaskan Brewing – Amber 

5.3% ABV / Year-round

Rich & malty.





———- IN THE NEWS ———- 

stone logoStone Brewing Company announces Production Brewery & Destination Restaurant for Germany -in Berlin!





drizlyWant beer delivered right to your door?There’s an APP for that now!

A new Beer Delivery APP!  >> DRIZLY << for iPhone & Android





worldly_scholarPink Boots Society has “Worldly Scholar” release with Latitude 33!

A beer dedicated to raising scholarship funds for PBS!!

Hope you all tune in and listen to a fun show!

LINK: 850KOA  7:00-8:00pm MST





It is with great pleasure that I announce to you my new role with the Pink Boots Society as their INTERNATIONAL & National Chapter Liason!




Pink Boots Society is an international nonprofit and USA tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. We inspire, encourage and empower women beer professionals to advance their careers through education. Our 1,000+ members are the beer industry leaders of tomorrow, and they inspire women consumers to choose beer as their adult beverage of choice.




I recently got the chance to meet and spend some time with PBS founder, Teri Fahrendorf, (who was the recipient of the Brewer’s Association Recognition Award this year) along with  …


Emily Engdahl (PBS Exec. Director/Dir. of Development) and Denise Ratfield (Stone Brewing / PBS Social Media Committee Chair) at the national meeting during CBC week here in Denver.  I can’t say enough good things about these ladies.  (Big thank you to Emily Engdahl, as without her, you wouldn’t be reading this post!)

There were over 170 female industry members in attendance from all over the nation, and all over the world.  Everyone got some press time, everyone. It enabled the entire room to really feel connected and unite as a tight nit group of ladies that support each other from all ends of the globe.  The short time that we had together in the same room were spent covering annual financials as well as the latest recipients of the PBS Scholarship program.  It was inspiring to see it in action!

I was elated to meet Brewer Jayne from Two Birds Brewing (and also director / head chica of PBS Australia)!  She was in town judging for World Beer Cup and as a PBS member and supporter was volunteering to help out.  (Can’t wait to see you again Jayne – what a blast! )

Here is a photo of all of the lady members who were able to make it to the annual meeting this year!



Stay tuned as I get into the grove of this fantastic group of ladies and their mission to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers in the industry through education.

Cheers to that!



1st Annual “Upslope Get Down” Fest!

You all know Upslope.  Well, Spring is upon us and they are ready to shake things up! 

Join me as I help  Upslope host their first annual Upslope Get Down, a FREE music festival with beer and food on Saturday, May 17 from 2:00 pm – midnight. Doors at 1:30 pm.

We’re taking over the back parking lot of the brewery to bring you eight bands on two stages for continuous music all day long with a core lineup of Upslope brews and food by various local food trucks.




♦  Fox Street  ♦  The Movement  ♦

Good Gravy  ♦  Gipsy Moon  ♦  Rocktin Grove

 Hot Soup  ♦  Rowdy Shadehouse

Upslope Get Down

The event is free and open to the public, but there is a VIP ticket option!!

Enjoy the music, beer and food festival in the comfort of our VIP tent.









VIP Ticket Includes:

  • Admission to exclusive VIP tent (your very own shade!)
  • Premium viewing of Main Stage
  • All you can drink at the private VIP bar
  • Rare beers exclusive to the VIP bar
  • Souvenir Upslope pint glass
  • Catering
  • Private restrooms
  • A good time and great spot to Get Down!


Limited capacity for VIP so grab your tickets online now!

Early Bird VIP Ticket: $65.00     |     Day-of VIP: $90.00


Craft Beer in Germany!

Beer in Germany is not new.  Craft beer in Germany, however, is growing a culture all on its own.

I have been keeping up on the growth of craft beer internationally and I found this great TV show that is bringing to light the beauty in pairing craft beer and craft food in Germany.  We call it a “party in our mouth,” they call it a “Geschmack explosion!” (Taste explosion!) The show, is pretty simply titled: Craft-Beer.TV.

Thomas Fraund & Christian Hans Müller are the hosts and in one of their first episodes below, they are in the kitchen and pairing craft beer with slow food! The featured beer is: Bayerisch Nizza Clubbier.

Foto credit: @neubierig


Although the name includes one of the two largest, southern states in Germany.  The brand is trying to vear away from being known to brew traditional, German beer styles. What’s neat about this beer is that it was brewed with German wheat malts, but the Germans are crazy about American hops!  There are 3 American hops (Citra, Centennial, Chinnok) and 2 German hops (they don’t want to tell us) and they say they “over-stuffed” the beer with these hops.  The beer is categorized as a wheat pale ale, and in this episode is paired with a risotto, that the chef carefully integrates the beer into, and some delicious looking lamp chops!  You may not know how to speak German, but there are caption overlays for the beer, ABV and original gravity points as well as close ups on the food preparation and serving at the end!

I’m excited for this craft beer revolution in the heartland of Europe, the  origin of the Reinheitsgebot, and that Germans are open to this large, amazing world of craft beer!

[ NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS IN GERMAN. Some English captions are provided).



PRESS RELEASE: Brewers Association: International Demand for Craft Beer Surges

INDUSTRY EVENT: 2014 Barcelona Beer Festival 



I will be posting more about craft beer internationally. Stay tuned!

Until next time.

Cheers & Prost!

A look at EPIC Brewing – Denver

This week, I finally got the chance to visit the new Epic Brewing taproom in the RiNo district in Denver thanks to a good friend, John Turk!

Epic Brewing originates out of Salt Lake City, UT, and recently expanded and opened a second production facility, here in the Denver, Colorado.  Epic Brewing has a much larger presence in Utah, where they originate, but I was pretty new to the brand.  Having had only one of their beers in the past, I had a very small and skewed opinion of what I “thought” they might be like.

Upon first arriving, I of course had to find my spot at the bar.  To my delicate surprise, there were 25 available taps to choose from. YAY! …but now I need to chose.  That’s when I just sit back and let instinct take over.  I loove me a good nitro brew and they happened to have a few on tap. The taproom offers samples for just $2, so a first round of nitro tasters it was!

Here’s what I had:
1.) Mid Mountain Mild Ale: 4.9% ABV – smooth, mild and approachable with notes of vanilla & honey.
2.) 825 State Stout: 5.8% ABV – easy drinking stout with notes of chocolate, plenty of coffee and roasted nuts.
3.) Hopulent IPA: 8.5% ABV – big, bold and hoppy with seasonal hop notes. This brew can vary from batch to batch based on the seasonal availability of the hops.
After some well appointed nitro sipping…it was time to get a quick tour of the brewery with John.

 I was first taken back by the sheer feeling of openness and space.  The tap room is a well designed and comfortable 1,400 square feet, but the entire building is about 19,000 total square feet.  (The massive amounts of grains, barrels and kegs have to go somewhere!) The roofline is all exposed and open and really carries a nice, warm glow all around the tap room and brewery.  In fact, the roofline makes their 20 bbl brewhouse and fermenter setup look small!  But then, I am finding out that they don’t really do ‘small’ with their brand.

Brew House / view from the back
Escape to Colorado IPA,   6.2%ABV

The way Epic puts it:

Epic is Utah’s first brewery since prohibition to brew exclusively high alcohol content beer. Epic handcrafts and carefully bottles its unique product in 22-ounce bottles, perfect for sharing or a long savor, solo style.

David Cole and Peter Erickson are the founders and co-owners of Epic Brewing Company. Admittedly, beer geeks, foodies and “Epic” adventure junkies, the three share a passion for making and drinking fine ales and lagers.

And fine ales and lagers they make!  After having their Imperial Red (which they were bottling that day) I finished up with their Escape to Colorado IPA that is brewed with Mosaic and whole leaf Apollo hops. Definitely a hop forward taste profile, but I enjoy that in my IPA.  The hop flavor is gently balanced with a clean, dry malt characteristics.  This beer definitely would qualify as my new go-to “sessionable” IPA.

This photo does no justice to the Epic Taproom in Denver, but I wanted to share it because I wanted you to see the cool lighting accessories they custom built for this location. They are made with real steel, and are shaped to mimic the design of the bottom of a fermenter!  They are big and impressive when you are there in person.  The tap room is about 1,4,00 square feet and offers ample seating not only at the bar, but also with high tops, low top tables and couch-like seating around the large, indoor fireplace.  With 25 beers on tap and a low-key atmosphere…I will definitely be back to try more brews soon!

Until next time,


Ferus Fluxus Launch Party @ The Source

2/17/2014 Denver, CO -Ferus Fluxus is officially hitting the marketplace and has set the beginning of a new collaboration series, lead by the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project!  The beer is a Wild Belgian Pale Ale, and appropriately named ‘Ferus Fluxus’ – meaning “Wild Flow.”  The brew was made using both Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus and fermented in first-use red wine barrels that were hand-picked at Rocky Mountain Barrel Company.

According to the talented folks at Crooked Stave, here is how they describe their vision for this series:

The concept for this series came about after many late night discussions while drinking beers fermented with Saccharomyces, and the curiosity behind what these beers would taste like with Brett. There are so many fantastic beers being brewed all over the country, and the Ferus Fluxus series gives us a good excuse (and opportunity) to collaborate with our friends at other breweries, as well as continue to introduce craft beer drinkers to Brettanomyces.

This first installment is a collaboration with Upslope Brewing Company, out of Boulder, CO, and is being launched tonight at Crooked Stave’s newest tap room, at The Source.  The event starts at 6:00pm (for bottle sales, $10/bottle) and 6:30 (for draft sales).  More details:  >>CLICK HERE<<

John and I were lucky enough to try a can of this epic collaboration on the Colorado Craft Beer Show recently.  >CLICK HERE<< to listen to our podcast.  We started the show with this brew!  Special thanks to Alex Violette, head brewer at Upslope, for joining us and talking about the beer on air.

During the show we talked about the fact that this beer will be available both in cans and in bottles, and how it will be fun to see how the beer ages in cans vs. bottles of the next few years.  I’ll be sure to post releases down the line.

Crooked Stave doesn’t take their series developments lightly.  From what I tasted, this is the beginning of a very wild – and excellent – series!

Until next time,

Cheers & Prost!


Ladies Beer Club Events: SPRING 2014

In preparation for Saturday’s Colorado Craft Beer Show, I’ve assembled a few great events that I want to mention.  The groups are lady specific, but the events at the bottom are not!

The Crafty Ladies Beer Club of Denver is a wonderful group of laides who get together to experience and learn more about beer. As a club, it maintains a mission to educate the women in our community about the many craft beers of Colorado and beyond while getting to know each other and having a great time!  How can you beat that? The Crafty Ladies will be featuring Crazy Mountain Brewery as their March host! Two dates for the event are set to help work into everyone’s schedule.

Save the Date: March 11 & 25. Email Katie, at to get on the email / invite list!


Ales 4 Females is based out of Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, CO.  These female centric tasting events are intended to bring women together for a fun evening of beer education and discussion. Left Hand’s women’s beer club gathers every month to hearing industry guest speakers, sample a variety of beer pairings and develop each member’s palate. Ales 4 FemAles meets the first & third Monday of the month in the Malt Room of the Tasting Room.

A4F - March 10 & March 24  (almost sold out)

A4F - April 7 & April 21 (tickets go on sale this weekend 2/15)


February 15 – Beer & Art Social w/ Awd Art @ Echo Brewing Company

February 27 – Around The World in 180 Minutes

February 28 – Avery’s 12th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest

March 13 – D-Still Craft Spirit + Cocktail Showcase

March 22 – Collaboration Fest

May 3 + 4 – South Denver Beer Fest

June 14 – Great Divide 20th Anniversary Party

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout!

O’zapft ist!  (It’s tapped!)  The collaboration brew between the Crafty Ladies Beer Club of Denver and Fate Brewing Company of Boulder is finished and awaiting your enjoyment.

This well-balanced, smooth stout offers all the chocolate and coffee flavors of a stout with just a teeny-tiny hint of salt to bring you all the way around before you hit the malty and dark roast mouth feel again with a touch of caramel! The Crafty Ladies did a great job picking another tough variation of a dark brew, and Jeff and the team at Fate really helped us pull it off.  Nicely done!  Here is how Crafty Ladies director, Katie O’Shea describes it:

“So excited by how the stout turned out.  It was really cool to try to impart something different into the beer with the hard and soft pretzels.  The wort was very pretzel-y tasting, and the finished product, not as much, but the subtle saltiness and rich dark chocolate notes from the cocoa nibs really came through.  Definitely an awesome, comforting beer on a cold winter day!”

The beer is available both at Fate Brewing in Boulder, CO, and at the Highland Tap & Burger in Denver – while supplies last!

I recommend you grab a pint while you can and celebrate Stout Month to the fullest!

Tweet me your experience @ThirstyGerman.

Until next time,

Cheers & Prost my friends!