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Crafty Ladies Brew Day at Joyride

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015

Crafty Ladies Brew Day at Joyride


Denver – CO

There were a few lucky Crafty Ladies who recently got the opportunity to brew a beer with Joyride Brewing .  The Crafty Ladies have been well known to brew dark, stout-like beers, but this time we’ve changed things up a bit.  This time, we got to brew a hoppy RED ale!


Since there are a lot of members, we took shifts to help our host brewery at rotating times, and working in shifts. I thought I’d help out in the morning as we prep the tanks, grain and mash in.








We organize our  644 lbs of grain.   I didn’t get a copy of the exact recipe, but there were a few Crystal varieties and darker, roasted barley grains. You know, brewer’s chex mix!








Brewing the hard way.










After lots of boiling and stirring (on Dave’s part), we got to cleaning our fermenter so we could transfer our beer to a clean vessel.

We checked in to get our degrees Plato, which was looking good and with a clean fermenter, we were ready to transfer beer.

During some of the hurry up and wait times, Dave would tell us story about the brewery and some of their experiences getting started. This also included the background story of the elephant of their logo.  Back in the early 1900′s, Roger was an elephant from Barnum & Bailey’s Circus that would give neighborhood kids a ride around Sloan’s Lake – the elephant would “vacation” out here after touring the country.  Well, after Roger died,  he was honored on a mural that stood on the building where Joyride is now. Unfortunately, Joyride was not able to keep the mural due to zoning laws, but they chose to honor him and Edgewater’s colorful past, by using his image on their logo mascot. With six, garage doors that open to overlook Sloan’s lake, and more than that to choose from in house beers, I definitely encourage you to stop by and check them out. Oh, and hope to see you there on St. Patty’s Day!

Thanks to Dave and Nate at Joyride for hosting the Crafty Ladies.









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