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CBC 2015 Experience | Portland, OR

Posted by on May 5, 2015

CBC 2015 Experience | Portland, OR

Hey Craft Beer lovers,

I wanted to bring you into my recent experience traveling to Portland, Oregon for the Craft Brewers Conference. An annual event, CBC is hosted by the Brewers Association each year.

IMG_0612 (2)


The Welcome Reception with a carneval-theme, was hosted at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland’s Rose Quarter.



The Oregon Convention Center was definitely a nice venue for our CBC crowd every day.  There were lots of areas all throughout the Center with large, group seating for mingling or dining (with cafe’s), to charge phones, private media room, ballrooms for conferences, and of course, the Expo Hall. And…there was the large, canoe dragon art!

CBC 2015 at the Oregon Convention Center

Venue: Oregon Convention Center


Looking back up towards the main entrance; there was ample room for mingling and meeting new craft beer folks! A quick lunch on the steps was not un-common.

CBC 2015 Portland Oregon

General mingling outside of the Expo Hall.


The Expo Hall did seem quite large at times, especially when walking from one end to the other, but I did get a chance to catch up with old business friends and make some new ones, too.


Kotis Design booth at #CBC15, Portland, Oregon. If you’re looking for hoodies, t-shirts, and any other cool merchandise items, contact my friend Rob Koenig at:


I was also happy to see my German home team still rockin’ design like it was the 80′s!  How can you NOT get excited about draft technology (zapftechnologie) when it can make you feel like this?!



Happened to run across the keg supplier for my good friend Kris Johnsons’ brewery, Green Bench Brewing, down in St. Petersburg, FL.


If you haven’t visited Green Bench Brewing out of St. Petersburg, FL — you should.


One of my favorite highlights was the few moments I got to spend with the Hallertau Hop Queen (Johanna) and her co-workers. I hope they take me up on my open invitation to Oktoberfest Tampa!

IMG_0601 (1)

With Johanna, the Hallertau Hop Queen (LT) and Stefanie (RT). They both had beautiful dirndls on.


Getting down to business –

There were good questions at the official press conference, hosted by the Brewers Association.  Located in the Fountain Room of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  The press conference was supported by The Rosen Group.  They hosted live in-person and call-in questions from the media.



Had to stop and say congrats to Julia Herz @HerzMuses, before getting back to the halls.


With Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director (BA) /



One of the quadrants of the Expo Hall.


2015 Craft Brewers Conference / Expo Hall at the Oregon Convention Center.



It’s always lovely to see any of the Avery Brewing team members no matter where I am! Holly and I got a chance to catch up and share some laughs of our crazy week. I got to show her some of my newest craft beer earrings, and we’ll be planning a jewelry/social hour at Avery Brewing soon.  (I”ll be sure to post that on my Events page and Facebook page as soon as we pick a date!)

IMG_0613 (1)


Then Friday of the conference was pretty much a full day dedicated to the amazing women of craft beer! We had our International Meeting and Brunch for Pink Boots Society from 10:30 – 12:30pm in the Portland Ballroom of the Oregon Convention Center.



I got a quick snapshot of Teri Fahrendor (Pink Boots founder) in a United By Hops baseball cap. Ha! (She doesn’t wear them often). And, I think it was extremely successful to setup and show the members of Pink Boots Society about our podcast, as many members were just finding out. I met so many new members and I can’t wait to include some of them in upcoming shows.

IMG_0670 IMG_0718


It was tough coordinating with so many people that week as everyone loves to keep things flexible but I did get the chance to meet some of our international members. I even got a sit-down interview in with, Ingeborg “Inga” Lindheim from Norway, and her experience on her way to becoming a part-owner! Our upcoming Pink Boots Society podcasts in 2015 will feature some of this conversation. Inga is a co-owner in Lindheim Ølkompani.



With Ingeborg “Inga” Lindheim from Lindheim Ølkompani.

Still representing the Nordic countries, I also got to say hi to Anna Hereu Soms, who has done work in both Norway and Barcelona. Anna works as the quality manager at Haandbryggeriet in Norway currently. – Skål! –



With Anna Hereu Soms from Haandbryggeriet.

It wouldn’t be a party without these two!! Betha Lovato (who flew in all the way from Vietnam), and Chanelle Kawamura (from Colorado) who helps guide the craft beer program and Crafty Ladies events at the Highland Tap & Burger.  // Betha and Alex Violette (former Upslope Brewing & not pictured here) have ventured across the planet and launched Pasteur Street Brewing Company; American craft beer with exotic ingredients made in Saigon, Vietnam. WHAT? Awesome, I know! Stay tuned for my updates on their story in our upcoming, international Pink Boots Society podcasts!


With Betha Lovato, Pastuer Street Brewing Company and Chanelle Kawamura from the Highland Tap & Burger.


I had just enough time from finishing up trimming and setting our badges (donated by Kotis Design), to stop and have lunch with my team!


Jason Rodriguez, Steve Frantz, Adam Lenfest, and me.


So as the sun set on a beautiful Friday, on our last week of conference, it was time for us all to relax and enjoy a fun, Friday night VIP Wrap Party!




Special thanks to Mike Johnson, from Thanks to him, we all have some great photos to share!


Craft Beer Industry / VIP Wrap Party. Pink Boots Society & Green CO2 Systems



Nothing gets beer geeks more excited than an oversized beer prop. Nice pick – Emily Engdahl – our Pink Boots Society Director.


Those ManCan kids know how to have fun!



Our VIP Wrap Party & Pink Boots Society Social was a ton of fun and brought to together some of the best of the industry, thanks to Green CO2 Systems!

p1119730381-6 (1)

Executive members of Pink Boots Society & Green CO2 Systems.



Our industry Wrap Party was a refreshing good time with live music, great craft beer and a sweet raffle that included prizes from Portland Growler Company. I hadn’t seen their work before, but man was I blown away!



Here’s a close up of the wooden box with leather carry strap.




Special thanks goes out to these amazing women and Pink Boots members. They helped me tremendously in the weeks leading up, and on the day of the event.  Pictured here: Lindsi Taylor from Columbia Distributing, Sonia Maria Leikam co-founder of Leikam Brewing, and Kelsie Cole.


Lindsi Taylor from Columbia Distributing, Sonia Maria Leikam co-founder of Leikam Brewing, and Kelsie Cole.




We all ended the night with good food, drink, friends and good music!  The talented, How Long Jug Band kept us swaying and dancing (otherwise known as: shaking our molasses) at this special VIP event.




Well that about rounds out my CBC week of 2015 in Portland, Oregon. If you want to see a full album of our VIP Wrap Party & Pink Boots Social, please feel free to visit the event album on my Facebook page.

I want to thank everyone that was involved in helping make our Pink Boots Society meeting and VIP event such a huge success! There were lots of great breweries that donated beer and also to Colombia Distributing who donated jockey boxes and equipment so we could pour beer! LoL

EPiC Brewing CompanyAvery Brewing CompanyElysian Brewing CompanyPortland Brewing Company

Lost Coast BrewingRock Bottom Restaurant & BreweryPints BrewingpFriem Family Brewers



Thank you and cheers!

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