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Green CO2 Hall hosts Pink Boots Society at GABF

Posted by on Sep 26, 2015

Green CO2 Hall hosts Pink Boots Society at GABF


The Great American Beer Festival celebrated it’s 34th annual event in Denver this year.  As your trusty craft beer ambassador, I wanted to share key updates from movers and shakers in our industry that you should know about.

On Friday, September 25, 2015, I hosted the Green CO2 Hall, which hosted the International Pink Boots Society meeting, followed by seven educational showcases from leaders in our craft beer industry

The Hall was brought to you by:  Green CO2 Systems, a CO2 supplier to the craft beer and restaurant industries, based out of Fort Collins, CO.


The full day event included:

The Pink Boots Society, a global non-profit organization that supports women in beer, held an International members meeting hosting Lauren Salazar from New Belgium Brewing as our keynote.








There were also two additional speakers that were featured as part of the Pink Boots ‘Pay It Forward’ program as past scholarship recipients:

- Linsey Cornish, head brewer of Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, in Fort Collins, CO, was the recipient of the Hopunion Hop & Brew School Scholarship. 

Cheyenne McCarthy from Fall Brook Brewing Company, in Fallbrook, CA, was the recipient of the Barth-Haas Hops Academy Scholarship.  

Each of these women shared their experiences and lessons learned during their scholarship as well as how it affected them later in their work life.

Following the Pink Boots Society meeting, were seven presentations by craft brewery owners, head brewers, cicerones, and others.









First up, was JD Lanz from the Denver Fire Department which was to meet the industry and educate us on CO2 awareness for staff safety reasons. If you work in a brewery and have not seen the Phoenix video, I encourage you to –> WATCH IT.

JD was followed by an extensive and collaborative presentation guided by Matt Cutter (co-owner & founder) of Upslope Brewing, David Neale (Sustainability Director) of Green CO2 Systems, and Philip Calabrese (co-founder) of Boom Algae.


Did you know Upslope Brewing is working on an algae farm?  We said the same thing, and hence the title for the presentation was born: “What’s Algae Got To Do With It?”  We all know that reducing our carbon footprint is crucial for all of us. What I didn’t know, was there was a company out there like Philip’s Boom Algae, that has found a way to take our “dirty” CO2 created by deliciously fermenting beer, to feed an algae farm, able to grow on a special film, which then gets harvested to make powdered proteins and nutrients. Here’s how Boom Algae puts it:

“We target a fast-growing, naturally occurring algae strain which produces an abundance of high-value omega-3 oils, plant based proteins and other micro-nutrients that are processed into consumer products.  Our products come from a sustainable process, are vegan, gluten-free and grown without genetic modification”.


The project is still in licensing phases as they get permission to add a farm onto the brewery, but is expected to start on-site development in 2016. So the next time you’re at the bar at Upslope at FlatIron Park, you can hopefully ponder about the shared love of social responsibility, with each pint.

Up next, fruit beers! You heard me. A bunch of really talented brewers, most with beards and some wearing flannel, make some really decadent fruit beers, and shared their market stories with us. What worked. What didn’t. Was it soured? What yeast strain?

Dave Bergen from Joyride Brewing, Doug Hyndman from Dry Dock Brewing, Chris Marchio from Fiction Beer Company and Kevin Crompton from Epic Brewing Company, all had some great trade practices that they shared about their successes in brewing and distributing fruit beers.



We also got a chance to hear how things are going for a brand new brewery out of Tampa, FL.  If you have not heard of Coppertail Brewing, I think you should. Head brewer Casey Hughes and Founder Kent Bailey, have brewed up an amazing team and product. Unholy was my first introduction to this brand a few years ago, as well as their Free Dive. Unholy redefines what a trippel is. The only thing I know is that I think there’s a hop cannon involved! And the Free Dive is balanced enough to not be too hoppy or too malty to attract young and old IPA lovers alike. I couldn’t have been happier to have such world class beer available in Tampa. As most of you know, my Polycreative co-horts and I host an Oktoberfest Tampa event. We had been having a hard time sourcing a straight dunkel for our event, so we reached out to Kent Bailey, their founder to try and make our brew come true. Sure enough, we had just enough time. Oh yeah, Coppertail might be 1 year new, but they are no slouch. Casey’s experience is on 50 bbls brewhouses, which is what Coppertail runs on. So we brewed 50 bbls of dunkel! It was the first of many years of this fantastic partnership and I really can’t say enough great things about the team at Coppertail. Kent Bailey was in attendance to share their side of the story with us on how creative partnerships like these, impact their brewery. (BTW, the dunkel was so darn delicious!!)



The remaining three talks were all hosted by dedicated Pink Boots Society members:



Ashleigh_Carter_Bierstadt_LagerhausAshleigh Carter is the co-founder of Bierstadt Lagerhaus and shared her detailed knowledge and passion about making the best lager she can. The latest brewery project between her and Bill Eye is schedule to open later in 2015 in downtown Denver, CO.


11010299_771401032974616_5041041980848634506_nDev Adams, also known as Miss Lupulin,  educated our attendees about training, studying or in any way preparing to take your Cicerone courses




Kim Collins, former head brewer of Barrels & Bottles and founder of Guardian Brewing (brewery in planning), interviewed a variety of other Pink Boots Society members from around the US, not only about the things that drive them and motivate them each day, but also on the things that allow them to competitive in an industry mostly filled by males. Mostly, on how to be awesome!








The event overall hosted craft beer industry professionals sharing their insight on routing best-practices and industry-leading protocals all throughout the day. We also got to host a Pink Boots Society member, Taylor Katz, who is starting her own business, Cultured & Craft. Taylor not only creates comfortable and creative craft merchandise for the craft beer industry made right here in the US, she is also quickly building a team throughout the southeast to work with breweries in their live events, hand sales and any other consumer oriented outreach programs.



I want to thank everyone involved that made it to our Green CO2 Hall and Pink Boots Society talks and events and hope you all will continue to support events like this in the future! I also want to thank Raquel and the team at The Rosen Group, for their support in my coverage of craft beer events.


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